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addendum: i do crosspost between here and my twitter, but i DO NOT use a bot to do that. it's all manual! i love mastodon and scaliebus y'all are so good

hi!! i'm solzi, aka scoli, a nonbinary deaf artist, and i do a bunch of furry art and cute cartoony comics! (they/them and ze/zir)‬

awoobot: @awoobot

‪same thing with using any other disability to insult people or call something less, or even to describe your own actions! blind, autistic, tone/deaf, ADD, OCD, depression, et cetera‬

‪none of it is okay and you have no idea how awkward it feels when your disability is used for it‬

‪don't ask me why. i don't care if tone deaf is also used to describe someone who's bad with music, the word "deaf" is still in it and i cannot cotton to continue seeing my disability and identity used over and over to describe these terrible people. deafness is not bad.‬

‪i've been seeing this a few too many times now, so your reminder from your local deaf artist to PLEASE stop using the words "tone deaf" to insult or say bad of something‬

worry not, after this solzi came back to life and began wandering the night for sources of light to both revel in and share

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