‪this is a redraw of an original drawing from a year ago! i've come so far!!!‬

‪a familiar face that i see every time i slumber‬
‪it is i, but without limits, yet constrained by unknowable rules‬
‪and with everything that i unknowingly embody and desire.‬

‪(on a side note, watching procreate's playback of this being created is COOL)‬

‪i'm gonna get in on the shipping dynamics thing. here's four of my own personal favorites‬


I CAN FINALLY UNLEASH MY TRUE POWER..... behold the happy moth woo

‪hello, ! i'm scoliwings, a nonbinary deaf artist who likes to draw lots of different stuff! (but mostly cute characters)‬

‪portfolio: scoliwings.com
‪commissions: commiss.io/Scoliwings‬

‪talking between selves, the energetic one and the one who is depression‬

here's what i drew today. it's my m&m sona.

‪a reference comm for @typhlosion's batty girlfriend, Gyro!!‬

‪A very fun glass-panda-styled commission for‬ @NikClarkson!! That liquid looks fun!

‪an icon commission for @typhlosion's partner mira!! thank you for commissioning me!‬

‪here's the other half of the sticker pack!‬

‪a sticker pack comm for @_jschmoe_@twitter.com!!! it was fun drawing these!‬

‪i'm feeling antsy to draw stuff today so!!! who wants a telegram sticker pack of 6 for $50 (one of the stickers is free) commiss.io/listings/bGqx

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