‪fanart of @bolibob2@twitter.com's dragon centaur!! they were so beautiful i had to draw them‬

‪here's my meme thing, let's see if anybody wins‬

A moogle-based kobold for @kobold!!! or should i say koogle

(image CW: boobs)

here's my goddess oc, zyx, he loves to mess around with people

‪there ze is, sitting upon a triangle somewhere out there, in zir own little green void‬

‪some gift art for my friend @princessnapped of her ocs cuddling on a couch! they're in lesbians.....‬

‪(last year, i waited about three hours for a ridiculously late bus, so MAYBE i'm wrong)‬

‪clarence is a treasure and the government gives zero shits about people dying on the roads‬

‪here's non-green me (yes i have glasses)‬

‪here's my hourly comics thread! hope i can make it through the rest of the day‬

‪this is the cramped room i slept in in the dream and i am personally very glad it is not my actual room‬

‪an art trade of Aurora in her half-werewolf form, for @Wingu!! i had a ton of fun drawing her!‬

‪My commissions are open!! I can do icons, full body, ref sheets, stickers, and more! commiss.io/scoliwings

‪it's witchsona week, and i'm bringing back my old witchsona from 2016!! they're a satyr with mattress/blanket/pillow summoning powers, ability to put people to sleep, and a bunch of succulents as their familiars‬

‪Now announcing The Cleome, a deaf-oriented server on Discord! Anybody is welcome to join. If you have any deaf friends or know any deaf creators, please let them know this place exists! Hearing people curious about deaf culture can join, too! discord.gg/8kMpNR2‬

‪wh... why am i falling through a waterfall...?‬

‪A very nice-looking snird dryad for @Ehksidian@twitter.com!! (snake bird)‬

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