here's a timeline of my sonas! Show more

‪i actually ran out of character count (on twitter), but yeah, those are all the sonas that i've drawn more than a few times! my oldest and most active sona is scoli, who used to look like THIS around 2011-13. the first one is the very first drawing of scoli in 2011! i was ten at the time‬

‪i... did have original art of the songhawk sona. holy damn. i couldn't find any full color art (i know they had colors, though...) so in lieu of that have a 2019 visualization of what their colors probably looked like‬

‪next up is kyka! not their first drawing (lost to the mists of Flipnote Hatena), but full color art from 2012. they're the grey puppy sliding down a waterslide. the second one is the most recent i have of them, from 2018. they were a favorite sona, second only to scoli‬

@scoliwings You've definitely improved your art style since then!

@scoliwings oh wow, all these sonas are really neat!! It's especially interesting to see the scoli character having changed so much since then (also seeing the first art of a character is just always *awesome*, and having the same sona-character for like eight years, is, whoaaaomg).

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