‪a familiar face that i see every time i slumber‬
‪it is i, but without limits, yet constrained by unknowable rules‬
‪and with everything that i unknowingly embody and desire.‬

‪this is a redraw of an original drawing from a year ago! i've come so far!!!‬

‪to provide more context into the "can and will fight people who do stuff w/o consent" part: when i was like 13 i had a dream about my crush asking to smooch, i said no, and then he almost forced it and we were on a bus so i straight up shoved him out the window down a cliff‬

@scoliwings i really like this. reminds me of homestuck except its like. a universe where some people have super-powered dreamselves instead of being in a weird space planet thats either yellow or purple

@sc (my dream self has totally been to derse before :3c)

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