:yoshi_tongue_end: :yoshi_eat::yoshi_tongue_mid::yoshi_tongue_mid::yoshi_tongue_mid::yoshi_tongue_mid::yoshi_tongue_mid::yoshi_tongue_mid::yoshi_tongue_mid:

trust no one not even yourself

he's a boy(...adjacent) so it's ok right. that's what i was told the rules were

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with twitter and mastodon both shitting themselves to varying extents now seems like as good a time as any to mention that on my website no one can tell me what to do and you can find the full sizes of whatever i draw


[this post has a slightly different link]

:qtuwu: vore doodles 

just now realising i forgot the flaps on the bottom pic

as well as the dicks pressing against the tumy that i was gonna do

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:qtuwu: vore doodles 

happy vore day, in some time zones still, i guess

[fuck it, retractable teeth, why not]

NSFW Furry Art, Feral Bits 

Art of my headmate, Dawn!! She's a bit of a showoff

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