macro furry, SFW nude, horny pose, eye contact 

hmmm it's not macro march for a few more hours here but I'm posting this anyways before I forget, this is by and I still love it so much

gigantamax niss [hundreds of legs, but also like 150ft tall too]

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macro sfw 

q.t., but Big

huge dragn: :it_its:
big geck: :she_her:
little geck: :he_him:

[it's that thing about giving niss seven legs if you remember that]

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i just remembered there was something else i wanted to try but the drawing part of my brain has completely shut off now lmao

good morning i wanna flop on a big q.t. belly

oh yeah :giratina: The Bedfriend is gen 4 so if nothing else there's gonna be an uptick in soft art

wait why are those not all the same size how did i manage to fuck *that* up

some more versions of @flussence's refsheet :3c :they_them: :it_its:

cw hyper & udder (but not at the same time. yet) & cocktongue

lewd furry art :over18: tits out, udder 

alt version with block shading bc i wanted to try it and it looks uhhh good

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lewd furry art :over18: tits out, udder 

that’s pronounced “faux-g”

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