oh wow i completely forgot about this site

anyway, i made a list of my top 10 least favourite hit songs of the year. I hope you like it! felixthecroc.wordpress.com/201

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The Lion King remake looks...bad? I know I'm in the vast minority but I think the original looks superior. Not everything needs to be remade, especially when the original still holds up perfectly well.

See also: ORAS vs Emerald

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refrigerators are domesticated winter

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Reminder that sex positivity means being positive about asexual people and people who choose to not have sex

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imagine kids looking at the fighting game community right now and they see the top player across multiple games is a queer black furry who respects his opponents, honestly couldnt have imagined this a few years ago it's very good


this is my first mastodon tweet/toot so idk what I'm doing at all lol

anyway here's my sona (by @lazyreptile126 on twitter)

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