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Got suspended from twitter for jokingly threatening to beat up a friend

What a fucking mess of a website

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Polyamory should be part of LGBT+

Polyamory is as much of a choice for me as being pan, anyone who thinks otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about and probably should not speak on polyamory.

Some people might whine that it will include straight people, but guess what: they're already here, in the form of straight trans people, not to mention straight ace/aro people (who btw do not deserve to be gatekept out thank you).

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what's weird is that they actually suspended the person's account, then the next day they dinged me for "violence"

i got banned from tw*tter for 12 hours for saying i hope a dogfucker gets their eyes clawed out

so now i'm here for a while, maybe permanently

oh yeah i forgot this website exists

at least this place doesn't have TERFs and dogfuckers like that other website

anyway, i made a list of my top 10 least favourite hit songs of the year. I hope you like it! felixthecroc.wordpress.com/201

The Lion King remake looks...bad? I know I'm in the vast minority but I think the original looks superior. Not everything needs to be remade, especially when the original still holds up perfectly well.

See also: ORAS vs Emerald

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lgbtqia+ stuff 

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Reminder that sex positivity means being positive about asexual people and people who choose to not have sex

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