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:rct_guest: : i want to go on looping coaster 1!

:blocky_white_cursor: : we have looping coaster 1 at home

looping coaster 1 at home:

vrchat photo 

-looks over the second floor railing- :dragnowo: hows it goin up here

if i go into a sketch without a plan in mind, i usually just end up drawing this

personal piece of myself, @Zest (Ember) and @river enjoying some lazy morning video games

🎨 commission for @monsterblue ! looks like this curious derg is out late poking around the trailcam! it looks a bit spooky in the infrared~

half life series errata 

gordon freeman woke up monday morning ready to clock in to work and scan a weird crystal and by friday evening had toppled an alien government and launched 2 rockets into space

my music, song about a dark/depressing sci fi story 

i wrote another song! it's about mmacevedo ( and exploitation of labor. lyrics in the alt text.

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