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long keysmash for no particular reason. i guess im just feeling a bit brain fatigued today and whapping my fingers on a sheet of glass is easier than coming up with something meaningful to say. thanks for reading this whole content warning by the way it means a lot 

ah its a cant do anything if i know ive got a meeting in 15 minutes kind of day

what's your roombasona. mine is a refurbished roomba 490 with flame decals

seventeen thousand seven hundred and seventy six

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can somebody tell me whether i should care about homestuck2

incredibly cursed, star wars, lewd 

this is not a covid thing, people also said "lets take this offline" when in actual physical meetings in the before times

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"lets take this offline" says the videoconference participant, fully intending to continue the conversation over instant message

*british person pronouncing the word "drawing" voice* drargon

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