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remembering how my 4th grade teacher taught us how to make fidgets out of dry rice and 2 balloons

i think i need one of those...

i'm drexagon, your friendly neighbourhood hexagonal dragon! (the hexagons are metaphorical.) i like storytelling, comics, vidya games, D&D, and aesthetic spreadsheeting. drawing is my main Thing.

whether or not you're new to mastodon, feel free to drop in and introduce yourself!

#introduction #mastomonday

no reason "babe" should be a gendered term. i posit that men and enbies can, and dare i say should, be "babes"

work - 

i put on a sample of some perfume (marketed at men, so kind of cologne, but let's be real) at the mall today to see what it smelled like and a few hours later i'm kind of liking the smell of it hanging around...

i'm not the kind of person who usually wears scents but what if...

bill: oh hey j.r.r., you're writing that new fantasy story right?

tolkien: yeah that's right

bo: ah yeah, that's cool. what's it about

tolkien, scrambling to think of a good name for his main character:



transformation; dragonite anthro mostly post 

anyway reminder that phyla-vell is a lesbian, her girlfriend can turn into a dragon, and she's starring in a guardians of the galaxy book that you can buy right now

logging on to find some DILFs (Dragons I'd Like to Friend)

me, asleep, sleep-tooting from my single user instance: mods are asleep

what if boosting but there's multiple places to boost to

i want to have a dragon timeline which is only dragons,

i want a programming language with a short name and a loooooooooooong history

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