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animal crossing direct, a very good lizard 

a youtube ad 

oh yeah, so the sonic movie had a scene with the pyramids in the middle of the open desert which reminded me. y'all those big tetrahedrons are right outside cairo. the city's like right there. they aren't out in the middle of nowhere.

furry art, lewd, drawn bits, multi 

an comfy truth 

an uncomfortable truth 

cant believe i spent an hour and a half drawing up this bad joke

trying to figure out how they keep they pants up, since their wing membranes need to attach all the way from their wing joint to their tail

the realistic answer is probably suspenders, but i dont like that, so im gonna say the membrane is conveniently detached at the hip to slip a belt through

(wip of what will probably be the other half of the ref sheet)

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ui rambling 

tfw you're a post-postfurry and also don't identify as your assigned gender


khr v2 (previously chr)

after about 4 years i decided it was time for a redesign.

- moved wings below arms and added second set of pecs
- added floppy ears
- reconfigured horns
- added spikes along spine, down through tail
- now consistently has 4 digits on every appendage
- updated transliteration of name to better reflect english pronunciation

furry art, lewd, quadruped, autofellatio 

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