gently the kobolds
big gently the big kobolds (dragons,)

computer musing 

@nilsding *sighs wearily* it all started long ago when computers first began displaying images on digital displays...

@roxy “there is no job so simple it can’t be done poorly”, or, to put it another way, “unskilled labor is a myth”

@kd my (limited) experience flying with a recreational pilot has taught me that they are very serious about using the nato phonetic alphabet on the radio. which would make the above post even more confusing

the spoonerism of "ringo starr" is "sting go rarr" and i think thats beautiful

Commission for 🐉🤠

#furry #commissions

before i reas the wikipedia article on shoegaze i didnt realize it was “shoe gaze” and i thought it was pronounced like “sho eh gah ze” or something

@unascribed *tries to grab it like a cat pouncing at a virtual fish in a screen*

Y'know what's almost as awesome as dragons?

kipo and the age of wonderbeasts (netflix show) has an incredible amount of panache

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon spoilers 

asking for advice, cfl bulb trash and recycling 

now that i've finished the exquisite english pastry party show i need something new to watch in the background while i draw stuff...

...i just realized you can refresh polls to see more recent results

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