@jellyfish_link @witchfynder_finder i was mostly excited about the kaomoji haha. the default gnome character map application is good enough for most of the times i need a particular character

acnh ~ 

@witchfynder_finder oh rad. i look forward to gnome ripping off this feature so i can use it

math question 

math question 

@caymanwent cant imagine not coming from an egg. stinky mammals are so traumatized by their "live birth" they dont even remember hatching

@VoxSomniator nonsense this helps ensure you always have sharp shiny knifes

re: description of hypothetical wound 

description of hypothetical wound 

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@unascribed this is a blessing in disguise now you know which things should be better secured in case of an earthquake

pros of being a dragon: scaly armor provides protection when im a dumbass and use a knife wrong

cons of being a dragon: none

@Keliff i dont know about tf but i have seen at least one 3d artist taking vrchat avatar commissions

nsfw furry 

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