indie comics promotion 

i just got my print edition of meow the infinite and y'all it is gorgeous

this comic is done by a couple folks i know irl and it is really cute, i highly recommend folks check it out if you haven't already:

(synopsis: a girl and her anthropomorphic cat compatriot are off on space adventures. antics and trouble ensue!)

they're charging a (reasonable imo) $15 for permanent access to the ongoing digital releases, but you can read the second-most-recent chapter for free on their website if my description didn't convince you:

"are avians scalies", the greatest thread in furry history, locked after 11,317 pages of heated debate

okay but like the soup store could have clothes about soup right

lyric fractela 

a musical machine,
this animal's programmable
that's how we live the dream

@Kat pokemon master miyagi teaching the karate kid how to use a pokeball

theyre making another one? i thought the last one was the final fanta-- *i am thrown out of the window*

@rezzish more eyes with which to contemplate the dreary room in which i've become inescapably ensnared through a combination of my unfortunate circumstances and my own apathy towards them

@dragonbot hanzo actually being a dragon would be the only thing that could get me to try overwatch again

@anthracite yeah the video mentioned it, looks a bit too flashy and fast moving for my tastes :dragnmlem:

damn, this investigation into the urban legend of the Polybius arcade game is really well done (epilepsy trigger warning: flashing lights later in the video)

mmm warm up doodle that ran away just a Pernese dragon

@Canageek here's hoping. last week the smoke models predicted it would clear out today but alas

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