apparently its nonbinary awareness week, so: hi, i'm nonbinary. for me, that means i:
- am not a man
- am not a woman
- am not trying to become either a man or a woman
- am not a human
- am not mortal
- cannot be killed
- have an insatiable bloodlust
- can be pacified only by tribute of gold
- make dark pacts with fell sorcerors to grant them unholy powers in exchange for their souls

@chr smdh i wish posts like this weren't necessary in 2022 but so many folks still somehow don't understand they should be regularly giving us most if not all of their gold :dragnsad:

@chr i don't have much gold, but i can give you gold-plated beryllium copper connectors?

@chr Would it be rude to ask what you do with the souls you barter? Would they be good on toast?

@chr Wow I knew there was a list of things I liked about you, good start


- and a hundred percent reason to remember the name

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