redrew this sketch from 2019. its a…bit of a glowup.

@chr such a mood
Also raaad ^^ i really like your general style


spoken like a true pacific northwesterner


wonderful redraw tho gosh. i love your art

@chr this is so gooooood!! Your art has definitely evolved, you've learned mastery over proportions and posing and perspective and fabric flow and it's so gooood :3


Wow. We've seen this improvement in action bit by bit but it's still incredibly striking to see the huge difference two~ years has made!

@chr oh gosh, *amazing* glowup. your lines are so fluid now!!

@chr also i wish to pat the snoot. sending a request for one (1) pat

@chr dang that's a heck of an improvement for just two years!

@chr omgg ive always loved this pic and aaaaaaaa 💚💚:dragnpats:

@chr absolutely incredible, this is so so so so so so good!

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