the thought "coffee is tea" entered my head unbidden and i had to make the whole alignment chart in order to banish it

@chr Sadly, for bathwater to qualify we would need to extend the chart


@chr Tea tree oil actually comes from plants in the genus melaleuca, not camellia.


@Azure @chr

I was going to have the same nitpick. But there might be an easy fix: tea *seed* oil *is* from a Camellia:

(Camellia oleifera, not Camellia sinensis, so I guess you'd have to change the column header to accommodate that though.)

re: Nitpick 

@clifstan There are some non-Sinensis teas tat people drink, like Ya Bao (lateral buds off a wild plant also in camellia). So I'd allow anything in the genus.


@chr finally the “hot bean juice” vs “hot leaf juice” debate has been settled! 🤣

@chr >cocoa is tea
not only NO but also cocoa with water instead of milk whattt

@chr I would brew coffee and tea in cold or hot water. Never in boiling water.

@chr @tsturm I’m very glad to discover I’m not the only one who does this.

@chr Since it's made from corn syrup, by the bottom-right definition, Mountain Dew is also tea see, i can agree with "coffee is tea"

"coffee is bean soup" is like, no! it isn't bean soup unless the beans are IN it lmfao

@chr meanwhile I'm off the chart in an extension having a mug of chicken broth for tea

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