@chr wow is that the name of the new bed from ikea

seriously though: cute synth, would cuddle and help perform diagnostics.

@chr Adorable !

I would cuddle a synth snake like Kai ^w^

@chr omg,,, :blobcatheart:

theyre so cute and soft,,,im love,,

@chr still thinkin abt this pic tbh

the gentle alluring eyes and smile,,, i wanna go cozy up w/ em in bed 💖

@chr we *adore* this, you did an incredible job!

@chr I need a shot of the closet filled to the brim with lower-torso modules.

@chr omg i only just noticed the cameo of the lil dragn plushes

@chr ....Is that pronounced Snake or Snack, cus...

@chr "wyd this afternoon?"
"oh I dunno, might just lounge /around/ my room"

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