@chr That's obviously a typo but I'm not sure what the intended number was...

@chr Hey if it's the right price, that is a 198 foot long dragon and they are obligated to send you one that size

@chr A 14 story tall dragon plush seems like a dream come true~

@chr we've heard your pleas and finally made a plush that will just fucking crush you 'neath its paw


*googles* THAT IS 60 METRES


maybe that's supposed to be minutes in an odd attempt to say "got tail for *days*"

@chr Please don't buy a plus the size of a city block

@chr tf sequences usually are more gradual than this.

@chr I have a variant of this utter sosig!

it's a neck pillow plushie, nice for travelling with!

I need to find out where i put it...

@chr aragon navy dragon... is this meant to be a knockoff of the dragon saphira from the eragon books?

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