i made several wip exports of the lofi image while i was working on it, here they are in animated gif form

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@chr this has the perfect mood. i can almost hear the rain

@chr this is *incredibly* well done!

question: are they drawing..... the drawing they are in? :p

@chr as a dragon who studies to lo-fi music all the time I feel very SEEN

@chr lofi hip hop radio - beats to fly/breathe fire to


Big fan of the ergonomic office chair.

Chairs that are comfy but promote good posture are super important for actively engaging in things

@chr oh my gosh that tiny plush! the mug!! it's good

@chr Wonderful, but the ears are in such an interesting place.

@g its aspirational (i was uncozy the entire time i was working in this :dragnangery:

@chr@scalie.business just noticed you're drawing this picture on the tablet :a_plus:

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