trying to optimize my fursona site, got the SSL score to A+ and i'm trying to get http2 push working for my shitty animated gifs

...this may be overkill but i think it's cool and good for the site about how much i'm a dragon to be better than most other sites technically. i already put effort into using modern html and css best practices and the only js is for an easter egg (and the webring embed). fuck corporations, the web can be made good.

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i also don't have any analytics but i am embedding some dragcave eggs. i should review their privacy policy to see if i need to be concerned about that

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(they're just images, so they can't load any js or anything like that)

from what dragcave says it sounds like the only analytics is on their own pages, so i think the eggs are in the clear

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@wxcafe the webring is aspirational, i'm waiting to be added lol

@chr *boops with a fury greater than a cookie clicker speedrunner*

@chr as someone who has a hypnotic loop programmed in there, H E C K

@DialMforMara just that. thats the basis of an entire genre of games tho :p

@chr if there isn’t something else that opens up once I reach a certain number of boops, I’m not interested

oh, and eventual option to autoboop. My wrists can only do so much.

@DialMforMara nah its just an easter egg. i may do more with it another time but for now i just wanted the snoot to be boopable

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