the amount of difficulty in transferring a file wirelessly between two laptops that are sitting right next to each other is absurd

:dont_at_me: please don't at me suggestions i've already tried them

@chr it's amazing how long this problem has been around

@chr I thought we invented the internet to move files and data, how is that now the hardest thing in the universe to do?

@chr I never had such problems. It's not more difficult than using a network cable, but encrypting the file first or during transfer is necessary.

@chr In the old days, we had IR ports, but modern laptops don't have that.

The IR ports worked like serial ports and therefore could in theory be used by almost anything...

That was too simple so they had to get rid of that X_x

@lyskar but bluetooth* and wifi** are so much better***!

* when you can get your devices to pair and connect reliably
** if you can magically find a transfer protocol that both devices support
*** you don't need line of sight! too bad no software that supports file transfers using these protocols ever works reliably on two different devices

@chr Yeah! It's so much bet--*Is interrupted by wifi dropping due to random interference*

@chr @lyskar The transfer over wifi using TCP was never a problem. Most problems I had was openssl. Different versions use different digests by default to create the key from the password, causing the decryption to fail on the receiving machine.

@chr We realllly need something like AirDrop but open source. It feels like /magic/.

@IceWolf @chr I once wrote a simple program called http-push that uses http to transfer files from one machine to another over any network connection. The receiving machine just needed a webbrowser.

But once I discovered socat, I abandoned it because socat is easier to use in a pipe (no need to write the tar or cpio file to disk when transfering more than one file). Unfortunately I've lost http-push now.

@IceWolf i found an open source project called owl that speaks the same protocol as airdrop but it only works if your wifi card supports active response, which my laptop's doesn't :( the other laptop was a mac

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