no reason "babe" should be a gendered term. i posit that men and enbies can, and dare i say should, be "babes"

@chr Honestly I feel like neither senses of this term really are gendered very much. Like, calling someone a babe feels a LITTLE feminine-coded, I guess, but as a term of endearment I've seen men, women, and others called "babe" by their SOs and it never felt weird

@chr (I was talking about saying "That person is SUCH a babe!" when they're hot, which works no matter what IMO)

@chr i dont think it's ever been gendered? women call men babe in movies like, all the time

@shel i mean in the sense of like "picking up babes"

@chr i think it's just seen as very intimate and flirty

@chr while we're at it can we de-genderise "bruh" as well (some ppl already do this)

@chr True, but somebody trans masc/adjacent or some other people etc. might feel off put by it on an individual basis and we shouldn't use it for them and that's fair, because it does have a feminine adjacent connotation, similar to like 'dudes/guys/sirs' can be gender neutral but it's fair that some people see it as coded masculine just want to have nothing to do with it.


I feel similar that traditional 'being pretty' things should be totally open for masculine people (make up, dresses, etc.), but I wouldn't begrudge anybody trying to get 'away' from them (like somebody AFAB trying to get away from being coded as just 'woman') for refusing to partake even if it SHOULD be perfectly fine for a man to wear a dress.

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