khr v2 (previously chr)

after about 4 years i decided it was time for a redesign.

- moved wings below arms and added second set of pecs
- added floppy ears
- reconfigured horns
- added spikes along spine, down through tail
- now consistently has 4 digits on every appendage
- updated transliteration of name to better reflect english pronunciation

trying to figure out how they keep they pants up, since their wing membranes need to attach all the way from their wing joint to their tail

the realistic answer is probably suspenders, but i dont like that, so im gonna say the membrane is conveniently detached at the hip to slip a belt through

(wip of what will probably be the other half of the ref sheet)

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@chr god honestly

the more i look the more i like

everything is so good just ugh

@chr This is such a good design, aaa! You look wonderful!


hecka. Beautiful!!!

lotta nice little design details, the second set of pecs is really cool

@chr thinkin about this perfect dragn again 🧡

@chr I like!

Also what do you mean about the name? I thought that it was a programming joke before :bowie_laugh:

@chr okay so like, a garter belt but for pants???

Possibly as a shirt feature that connects the bottom to the top of the pants 👀

@chr alt: kobolds just follow them around and pull the pants up as needed

@chr Conveniently, or surgically? Seems like the sort of adjustment that anthros would make to enable them to wear clothes.


noticed only now how good those pants are! modern clothes require modern fastening :3

@chr If the tail goes through below where the belt is, I feel like that would hold it up in the back even if they were pretty low

@chr Also omg the colors make me feel like the wing membranes are slightly transparent, is that on purpose?? cool colors either way :3

@chr I really like the thought ☺️ Could the bottom of the wing be able to detach itself from the tail to wear causal suits, like with a hook or something? 😅

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