when people in movies and junk turn into dragons its always like, "oh no, its so terrible, they've become the embodiment of their [envy/anger/greed] how do we fix this" and not like "wow you're a rad dragon now. i respect your life choices". i just think people should be more supportive

@deltaryz @chr this is part of why we like pokemon mystery dungeon so much


You'll also note that it is never like, lust that is embodied. Never see a dragon making ill advised hookups at the nightclub.

dragons embody higher consciousness in asian mythology

much different (more evolved) than western unrestrained appetites


@chr normal brain: oh no, you've become the embodiment of you greed
enlightened brain: i respect your life choices
galaxy brain: i respect the embodiment of your greed

@chr I remember read the "Eustace turns into a dragon" part in Voyage of the Dawn Treader and seeing narratively that I was supposed to feel bad about this but... Feeling Things...

@grayishknight @chr

I was always so jealous of and annoyed with him and it took me over a decade to figure out why.

tbh I just wanna see more stories explore "negative" traits used positively and "positive" traits used negatively. Especially in TF situations like described in the first toot in this thread

@chr my favourite part of this is that your suggestion is probably the best answer to the first question.

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