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interacting with me (pinned post) 

:over18: no minors please, i post adult content
✅ compliments on my art/characters are ok and appreciated. my art can be lewd so its ok to respond in kind to that!
✅ if i post a selfie, platonic compliments are ok and appreciated
❌ please do not flirt at _me_/character(s) identified as me (khr), i will not respond! nothing personal
⚠️ i engage with some kink content but if i don't respond it's probably because i'm not comfortable doing so

if we are not mutual followers (i follow you & you follow me), stop and take a moment before responding to something i've posted.

i don't approve all follow requests. you're more likely to be approved if you DM me to ask first!

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about me:
- winges
- thicc tail
- snooter
- scaless

earliest drawing i ever did of myself (2011) vs my current favorite piece i've done (2021), ten years of art improvement and design iteration

i got!! dragon boobs!! @Zest ember drew this amazing sketch of me and it feels sooooo gooooood :dragnhappy:

vrchat photos, macro dragon 

:dragnowo: @Zest ember brought me to a very wonderful vrchat world created from google maps terrain data where i could live out some stompy fantasies. it was extremely good to rawrrrr and stomp around! :dragnyell:

i feel like i’ve had wildly varying year in terms of style and art quality, but i think i gradually improved and learned new techniques and generally got better

did some doodling on the road, practicing with more gestural and loose sketching

vr screenshot, eye contact 

meet us at the lava river in the eighth level of the final dungeon if u want an ass kicking

the cunning predator uses her natural camoflauge to hide amongst the foliage, unspotted by potential prey

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