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furry art, a dragon with xeir titty out 

a new dragon sona has appeared!

this is ash, xey/xem pronouns

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about me:
- winges
- thicc tail
- snooter
- scaless

if you did not answer C or D in this poll:

what is a macOS application bundle?

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A) a file format describes a single stream of bytes

B) a file format describes a single file on disk (possibly containing filesystem-specific structure such as metadata or resource forks)

C) a file format can describe multiple adjacent files on disk (e.g. a file and a metadata file in the same folder)

D) a file format can describe an entire folder hierarchy

vr news (pertains to facebook quest 1) 

just got an email saying the quest 1 will only be supported with bug fixes / security patches until 2024, and they're no longer developing new features for it as of today.

i would expect other vr software developers (including possibly vrchat) to take this as "we dont need to support the quest 1 any more", sometime in the next year or so

so begins the cycle of planned obsolesence for vr headsets

people sometimes ask me how i'm so pretty. the answer: i dunno, im just a dragon :dragnuwu:

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explicit furry sketch :over18: multi kink, many pairs of tits, genitals 

there’s so much of me~

short-form fiction, tf, kin 

"look! up there! a dragon! call the guards!"

"what? why? they're not a threat."

"but what about all the stories? the ones where they burn down villages and take children?"

"conservative propaganda. most of them don't breathe fire and they don't take anyone who doesn't want to come."

"but in the stories, their victims are killed. who would want to go with them?"

"dragons don't kill people, dragons just believe in freedom of form. those who go with them are given bodies that fit them better."

eggs benedict at restaurants is pretty good, but it often pales in comparison to bennies made in your own kitchen, especially if you make your own sauce. after all, 

there’s no place like home for the hollandaise

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