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interacting with me (pinned post) 

:over18: no minors please, i post adult content
✅ compliments on my art/characters are ok and appreciated. my art can be lewd so its ok to respond in kind to that!
✅ if i post a selfie, platonic compliments are ok and appreciated
❌ please do not flirt at _me_/character(s) identified as me (khr), i will not respond! nothing personal
⚠️ i engage with some kink content but if i don't respond it's probably because i'm not comfortable doing so

if we are not mutual followers (i follow you & you follow me), stop and take a moment before responding to something i've posted.

i don't approve all follow requests. you're more likely to be approved if you DM me to ask first!

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about me:
- winges
- thicc tail
- snooter
- scaless

Legiana! I love Legi, such a pretty, if screamy, monster.

The flowers are known as ice plants, a fitting choice for an icy beast

#monsterhunter #legiana #fanart #clipstudiopaint #iceplant #flowers

thinking of exhibiting the characteristics of a faunum on the interconnected network

cbt, food but its a pun on the name of a kink 

cook in bowl torta

averted emergency (ok) 

firefolks gave the all clear. seems there was some kind of mishap on the fourth floor, never got details tho

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averted emergency (probably ok) 

apartment building had a (probably spurious) fire alarm and i remembered to grab my cat and my keys but not a mask so now im standing with her carrier across the street trying not to breathe at anyone

nsfw furry foot stuff 

Drixx being a menace... You can't hold a man's game hostage like that!

See my art earlier at

She knew the advice for confronting tigers. Never look away first. But this was no tiger.

The dragon's eyes, amber with gold flecks, felt like they pierced her soul. In that moment, they knew each other.

She remembered a leaping from a mountaintop nest and spreading her wings for the first time. The dragon remembered training with a spear as a young girl and learning to hunt.

And they both remembered gazing at the stars and wishing for companionship.

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

cool things smw did that i havent seen copied much in later games:
- the credits sequence tells you the names of all the enemies
- when you beat the special world, the overworld gets palette swapped and a bunch of enemy sprites change

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vaguely uspol 

the only possible good thing that could come out of all this is spray tan going the way of the toothbrush moustache

gonna attempt smaugust since i failed at doing artfight regularly, maybe this will help since.. draaagon
dont know if i'll follow any prompts lol

anthro art, ec 

New PFP by @extinct! I got them socialist teefs!!

Dragon tails, dragon tails
Giant waggy dragon tails


big dragon go stomp and rar

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my bipedal form is about 2.4m tall and thats what i generally view as my ideal / goal, but some days i feel more like i should be 10m long and quadrupedal

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