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furry art, a dragon with xeir titty out 

a new dragon sona has appeared!

this is ash, xey/xem pronouns

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about me:
- winges
- thicc tail
- snooter
- scaless

someone ported super mario odyssey's movement, including the cappy capture mechanic, to portal 2:

3 bedroom apartment available in seattle :boost_ok: 

Looking for a group willing to take over a 1000sq ft, 3 bedroom apartment lease in central district, Seattle.

We are moving out on Sept 15 and don't want to pay the fees to break our lease -- you will be added to the lease and all utilities / internet / etc will be transferred over to you. When the lease term is over (expires March 17, 2023) you may renew on your own at the rate the apartment complex offers you, and we will coordinate to remove ourselves from the lease at that time.

Our current monthly rent is $3635 / month. Utilities (trash + water + gas + fees) are typically around $60 / month. If you have a car, there is an additional $250 / month charge for parking. Electricity use is metered and managed through Seattle City Light.

The building is a very new, 7 story complex with an Amazon Fresh grocery store in the ground floor. Dogs/cats are allowed (they charge an additional $50/mo pet rent). The apartment unit has air conditioning in the living area (not central air -- bedrooms need ventilation to hallway). The building is walking distance from several restaurants / community areas (park, library, community center) and a short bus ride to downtown.

I will also warn you that the fire alarm system is very sensitive / poorly operated and has triggered building-wide alarms about once/month since I have been living here. Also, the building is managed by Greystar Inc, a massive real estate / property management company, so be warned that property management can be difficult to deal with.

If you are interested, please email me at and we can discuss further details.

explicit furry art :over18: exposed dragon titties (several) 

....and of course, without the convenient cloud modesty:

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the first astrophotograph of a body outside our solar system, a daguerreotype of Vega, was taken in 1850 -- ten years before the american civil war

apparently its nonbinary awareness week, so: hi, i'm nonbinary. for me, that means i:
- am not a man
- am not a woman
- am not trying to become either a man or a woman
- am not a human
- am not mortal
- cannot be killed
- have an insatiable bloodlust
- can be pacified only by tribute of gold
- make dark pacts with fell sorcerors to grant them unholy powers in exchange for their souls

tits, hair, and ears; i'm the reptile essentialist's worst nightmare

the inklings and octolings in the splatoon games fall under the umbrella of "furry"

does the phrase "will it blend" mean anything to you

the vector form is also available on the github page as usual if you'd like to make modifications or recolors:

and reminder that the dragn emoji are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 so please credit by putting a link to the github repo if you redistribute them

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new dragn emoji just dropped: :dragnloaf:

this is my take on "a dragon loafing", so i have given it the shortcode :​dragnloaf: . i'm aware there's an existing emoji made by someone else with this shortcode, so if your instance already has that, i've also uploaded it to here and cybre with the alias shortcode :​dragntailcurl:

synth fursuit photos!!! :kai: 

:newl: :kai: :newr: kai is here!!!! here's some photos from my test fitting, i want to get a matching jacket but for right now i'm just incredibly excited about the partial itself!! beep!!!!!!

custom synth partial by

drawl: an accent with more long vowels than yours

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