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interacting with me (pinned post) 

:over18: no minors please, i post adult content
✅ compliments on my art/characters are ok and appreciated. my art can be lewd so its ok to respond in kind to that!
✅ if i post a selfie, platonic compliments are ok and appreciated
❌ please do not flirt at _me_/character(s) identified as me (khr), i will not respond! nothing personal
⚠️ i engage with some kink content but if i don't respond it's probably because i'm not comfortable doing so

if we are not mutual followers (i follow you & you follow me), stop and take a moment before responding to something i've posted.

i don't approve all follow requests. you're more likely to be approved if you DM me to ask first!

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about me:
- winges
- thicc tail
- snooter
- scaless

a full-body character commission for @Felthry ! they were looking for a comfy drawing of their mustelid taur (top half: marten, bottom half: otter). thanks for the commission!

its alright if i take a bath here right

oh, were you using this swimming lane for something?

b/w inked magazine cover design for @flyingfox ! that looks like a real comfy pile~

lewd furry art :over18: tits out, udder 

alt version with block shading bc i wanted to try it and it looks uhhh good

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lewd furry art :over18: tits out, udder 

that’s pronounced “faux-g”

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the thought "coffee is tea" entered my head unbidden and i had to make the whole alignment chart in order to banish it

here’s an alternate version featuring more of my synth art and other stuff

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i feel like i’ve had wildly varying year in terms of style and art quality, but i think i gradually improved and learned new techniques and generally got better

i also drew myself, um, a lot

explicit furry art :over18: suggestive clothing, dick out 


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tfw you’re in public and a stranger walks up and starts talking to you

commission for @sharkNserg of connie’s fluffshark with a naga body. there’s so much of them!

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