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furry art, a dragon with xeir titty out 

a new dragon sona has appeared!

this is ash, xey/xem pronouns

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interacting with me (pinned post) 

:over18: no minors please, i post adult content
✅ compliments on my art/characters are ok and appreciated. my art can be lewd so its ok to respond in kind to that!
✅ if i post a selfie, platonic compliments are ok and appreciated
❌ please do not flirt at _me_/character(s) identified as me (khr), i will not respond! nothing personal
⚠️ i engage with some kink content but if i don't respond it's probably because i'm not comfortable doing so

if we are not mutual followers (i follow you & you follow me), stop and take a moment before responding to something i've posted.

i don't approve all follow requests. you're more likely to be approved if you DM me to ask first!

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about me:
- winges
- thicc tail
- snooter
- scaless

the inklings and octolings in the splatoon games fall under the umbrella of "furry"

does the phrase "will it blend" mean anything to you

the vector form is also available on the github page as usual if you'd like to make modifications or recolors:

and reminder that the dragn emoji are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 so please credit by putting a link to the github repo if you redistribute them

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new dragn emoji just dropped: :dragnloaf:

this is my take on "a dragon loafing", so i have given it the shortcode :​dragnloaf: . i'm aware there's an existing emoji made by someone else with this shortcode, so if your instance already has that, i've also uploaded it to here and cybre with the alias shortcode :​dragntailcurl:

synth fursuit photos!!! :kai: 

:newl: :kai: :newr: kai is here!!!! here's some photos from my test fitting, i want to get a matching jacket but for right now i'm just incredibly excited about the partial itself!! beep!!!!!!

custom synth partial by

drawl: an accent with more long vowels than yours

"new", meaning "recently made or created"

"york", reduced from nordic "jórvík", a danish translation of the anglican name "eoforwic", corrupted by analogy with a german root "eburaz" from latin "eboracum", derived from the original brittonic name "eburākon", meaning "place of the yew trees"

pokemon scarlet/violet 

new pokemon legendaries are both genders

arugula 🍃

fursuit, a glowy synth materializes 

it's done!!! kai real!! :kai:

created by who has been amazing to work with, they really went all out and the result looks incredible!

they may look formidable, but i have reliable intelligence that their ships are outdated. i think we can take them

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