*throws open their front door*

*rips off their coat*

*unzips their Human On Mainยฎ Certified Indistinguishableยฉ Human Suitโ„ข*

aaaaah, finally, i can relax

*looks at my fursona* im cute??????????????????????


Its right there! In the artbook! How has like nobody on the internet mentioned it??


Hey animals, I made a gay fish! His name is Marco and he flames so much he could heat a whole house in winter #furryArt

In non-spoiler content, have the #Kobold I'm playing in a current #D&D campaign.


condensing art crossposts as much as i can, here's some dragons i've drawn bc i love drawing dragons... #mastoart #dragons

#introductions I am so confused, I'm Ketsu, I'm an artist who also does illustrating with some sculpting on the side. I've been in an art block due to my great friend depression but I'm on my way out right now to try and make some great stuff hopefully. Looking to make some more friends and people to talk to, I'm a bit lonely. My discord is @dragonketsu#3331 ๐Ÿ’™

forgot to share this absolutely legendary mug I found at work the other day

who is my secret scalie coworker?

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the place where ground-elemental elder dragons go to work out is called an earth wyrm gym send toot

fiiiine i will go o=ut to the 7-11 to give my dry and brittle human lips some comfort

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human lips are the worst. why they shrivel and crack in the cold huh? bad design innit. good for kissin tho, so i guess they got that

i don't know the mastodon etiquette very well but hi everyone i'm sable and my fursona's name is prendergast

i like nerd shit and i'm dragon

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#patreon reward for morghus who missed a lot of rewards so i worked on this to make it up to him. A #tf of him turning into his wyvern self who always has a hoodie. Cause hoodies are neat. I want a nice warm one. #art

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