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foresight network transmission - "titan's teeth" and "dragon" mobilization in caroli sector - suspend all operations

Inktober, Day 12 "Dragon" - Drawn with micron pens.

Managed to finish this one while vending at a market.

#inktober2019 #inktober #dragon #illustration #drawing #inkart #inktoberprompt12

~a brightly-colored noodle dragon slows to a stop along the subway track in front of you~
~snort~ :ms_eastern_dragon:

— ✨

RT, here's a little something to say thank you for the support!

Sketch/doodle prompt/request for the artistically inclined: a dragon in a terrarium basking under a heat lamp

Up to you whether this is a very small dragon or a very large terrarium

A follow up to this line of reasoning from a wonderful unusual-animal-loving facebook group:

Bat is dragn of mouse

I just realized

If deer is buny of horse, then

Dragon is shark of birb?

sometimes you do something earlier in life that is surprisingly predictive of how you change later in life

me, i made a twitter account called "theanarchistdragon" with a gender-neutral pseudonym as the display name where i complained about the pointlessness and pageantry of a student tech event

aaaa it me!! New pfp by the lovely @extinct !

They haz comissions open if you want stuffs done!!

(I think i may be getting a little addicted to getting arts done >.>)

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