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khr v2 (previously chr)

after about 4 years i decided it was time for a redesign.

- moved wings below arms and added second set of pecs
- added floppy ears
- reconfigured horns
- added spikes along spine, down through tail
- now consistently has 4 digits on every appendage
- updated transliteration of name to better reflect english pronunciation

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about me:
- winges
- thicc tail
- snooter
- scaless

half life alyx spoilerey reaction 

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half life alyx non spoilerey reaction 

covid staying-homeposting 

tired: magically animated snowman

wired: snowmonculus

half life alyx extremely minor spoilers 

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half life alyx extremely minor spoilers 

lewd furry art, drawn bits, multi 

random ui/ux musings 

anyway join if u wanna be in a furry matrix chat room with some cool animals

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gonna keep trying to promote even though i dunno how to facilitate chat in a lorg group chat

twink, hunk, bear: long ago the three nations lived in harmony

@g i appreciate u boosting this again every time i boost it again lol

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lewd furry art, drawn bits, multi 


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