Next up is ๐—”๐˜๐—ต๐—ฒ๐—ป๐—ฎ, by the wonderful
She's a wild magic sorcerer, and definitely has a chaotic element to her personality! She was the MVP in the Behir fight, for sure.
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I rise from the grave to bring youโ€ฆ Loafwyr. Based on a conversation I had with @dagoth and our mutual agreement that it was my moral obligation to draw this. Iโ€™m not sorry. #lofwyr #shadowrun #creativetoots

snek couch

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As a first post, have art of my dragonborn monk, Taerjinn Scarletscale of Clan Dastul!

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#inktober Day 14: Clock. tfw you forget your boyfriend is actually a werewolf and the full moon happens ๐ŸŒ /

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i did the research ( and i guess niss likes her tea a bit cooler than i do

there were a lot of moving parts to line up here! i had to move the head, then i had to move the hands, rotate them a bit, then i had to redraw the arms, which made the head looked weird again.....

Inktober Day 4: Mermaid

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in this post chr comments on the humor derived from realizing "oo-oo" and uwu (also "oh-ooh-oh" and owo) are homophones

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