I don't know if I ever posted this piece anywhere back when I finished it. This creature species was created by dA's ickshii and I received this character in trade.

#fantasyart #artwork #art #conceptart #illustration

brb starting a furry con branded as “the international symposium on anthropomorphic self-representation”

ladies, gentlemen, various critters, welcome to the ninth annual symposium on tfology and tfinetics. our field has had a transformative effect on the world of medicine and we are, as always, hoping to change things up this year, so please make sure to prominently display your badges so that your colleagues can identify you.

who says i cant tf into a dragon. oh yeah? what are you, a tfologist? oh, really? please, tell me more. fascinating. so, what you’re saying is — really? right now? okay, well if you insist

Hey, that's not a hoard of gold, that's just a gold-colored bean bag! #pixelart #mastoart #dragons

@chr You need one of the "HRT Made Me a Dragon" shirts instead. I'm sure they come in dragon sizes.
For example from twitter.com/Turnsky/status/109

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‪fanart of @bolibob2@twitter.com's dragon centaur!! they were so beautiful i had to draw them‬

(i / my sona dont identify as trans but im supportive)

Just some random buff dragon-taur-y guy. Nobody in particular.

thinking of getting into the video game webcomic market

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