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how to explain to your dragon that it's 1 am and it's time to go to bed for goodness sake

I went ahead and colored all of these last night. One has a white background since I didn't have any examples of a colored ink with a white background laying around for commission related purposes.

#mastoart #dragon #illustration #inks

Introduction of the Mystic Novas! According to my dear Tiefling Killian (the red one) the most powerfull heal goes through the lips! Yes he misunderstood "the kiss of life" in CPR.😘

#dnd #dungensanddragons #orc #paladin #bard #tiefling #kiss #comic #digitalart #oc #character #anime #manga #animation #blood #art

snakes get it. you gotta shed your old skin in order to grow

normalize self-reinvention for everyone tbh. name changing should be merely the start. people shouldnt be afraid to discard the parts of themselves that are holding them back or that they feel like they need to shed

Woops I probably should have posted this earlier >.>

I'm estivalAquanaut/Henry! I'm an artist from the US who does both digital and traditional, and I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting online. I'm so excited to be here!!

#introduction #introductions #mastoart #art #artistofmastodon

Commission for deciusnero
This is a gender affirmation piece featuring Decius getting a new feminine hairstyle from my character Belinda.

Have a Kilroy photo! Very good Pernese design to this one.

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