I recently decided to try out #DnD and made a dragonborn fighter for the campaign. The rest of the party has dubbed him Party Dad before we even started. Probably due to him looking like a dad.
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Hello all

have a dragon

(🎨: @lukiriart@twitter.com)

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fursona???????????????? (art by @Jackostar10000@twitter.com aaaaa go check him out)

was gonna background this one but then i spent four hours on the eyes and so i was just like alright time to stop

Spent another hour or so working on this air spirit piece tonight. Think it's close to done, I just gotta draw the black one off in the distance in my rough, and see if the shininess I see in my mental image of what this should be actually works in context.

in this painting my sona looks like they are looking at the viewer when zoomed in but not when zoomed out and its driving me nuts

me, drawing my fursona: *squints at the sketch* good, but im not getting enough twink energy yet

"So in your relationship, who is the dog and who is the cat?"
"How antiquated. We are both obviously dragons."

my fursona, my dersesona, and me: a furry homestuck fancast for the modren era

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Dragon-wanna be! Sketch as practice. Done Friday and did last tiny bit and finished t now

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/Kashmere_Art/statu

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