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Greetings, employees! We've just upgraded to 2.5.0, which means the new public profiles are rolled out (check out e.g. !!)

We've also joined the relay -- a relay is basically a server that forwards posts from other servers even if we're not following people there yet. This essentially means there should be a lot more furry content in our federated TL from now on, and your public posts will reach other furry instances more easily!

‪new ref sheet of scoli!!!! this is SO much better than the old one (new left; old right)‬

Front page has been updated with more fuzzies and attribution!

here is your OC post of the day

🎨 Tizzle-Bizzle

#AskTheWerewolves how to balance your wardrobe with your wallet.

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did fanart of a xenomorph and made it synthwave for no reason other than i wanted to


Finished commission for VaniOtter over on twobber.

a cool icon with a snout for @Rybark!! thank you for commissioning me!

Not my art this time, but too good to not share here. On account of Snektember I got another naga/hydra rendition of Hati, this time from TeknicolorTiger


A serg I drew a few months ago. I messed up the anatomy a bit but it was nice fluff practice.

I may have made some mistakes...
I should have known better than to touch any shiny ball in Maxwell's magic shop...


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