Update: the date for this instance closing is now set at October 5th. Please be sure to follow the instructions upthread for migrating your account to another instance. All scalie.business users should have received a DM with this information. Thank you.

Thanks for believing in this instance, even if most of you aren't active. I wish I had the energy to shepherd it better, but, I don't.

Your friend and kobold CEO,
-- CEO

I recommend migrating to a larger instance such as yiff.life or snouts.online for instances with a lively furry community and active moderation teams.

You can notify visitors to your profile that you've moved accounts by going to "Settings", then "profile", then scroll down to the bottom and click "Configure it here" under "Move to a different account". You can also use migrannounce.tools.codl.fr/ to announce the move to all your followers.

Hello, scalie.business users.

It's taken me a while to come to this decision, and I don't make it lightly, but I don't have the energy I thought I did to manage this instance to the level I would like to. Since I can't provide adequate service, and don't see that changing in the near future, I am going to make this instance effectively single-user going forward. I've closed registrations, and after a grace period of a month or two, I will be disabling login on all accounts.

Apologies to everyone affected by the spambot on this server, I have deleted the account and closed registrations for the moment. It was the only such spambot to the best of my knowledge. Please let me know if there is any more trouble!

Hello, employees! We've just updated from Mastodon 2.5 to 2.8, so things may look a little different around here. If you find any problems with the instance, let us know! Thanks!

hi!! i'm solzi, aka scoli, a nonbinary deaf artist, and i do a bunch of furry art and cute cartoony comics! (they/them and ze/zir)‬

‪portfolio: scoliwings.com
‪commissions: commiss.io/scoliwings‬
‪twitter: twitter.com/scoliwings
awoobot: @awoobot

@Doveux In the newest version of Mastodon (2.6), there's a setting for this called "Always expand toots marked with content warnings" (it won't turn off the button but will show the text automatically). Unfortunately I haven't had time to update yet! :( I'll post an announcement when the update happens.

@raptor_red @ImpulseDragon Welcome to scalie.business! Please let me know if you have any questions or requests related to the instance! Happy posting!

‪the fox who doesn't like anybody here but doesn't really want to go back to the family either‬


this is my first mastodon tweet/toot so idk what I'm doing at all lol

anyway here's my sona (by @lazyreptile126 on twitter)

‪Painted headshot/chibi commissions for @Renduras@twitter.com and @mawr! Thank you for commissioning me!!‬

@Doveux Welcome to scalie business! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback about the instance!

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