@raptor_red @ImpulseDragon Welcome to scalie.business! Please let me know if you have any questions or requests related to the instance! Happy posting!

‪the fox who doesn't like anybody here but doesn't really want to go back to the family either‬

‪experimental style commissions for @boofy and @NikClarkson!! thank you, these were so fun!‬


this is my first mastodon tweet/toot so idk what I'm doing at all lol

anyway here's my sona (by @lazyreptile126 on twitter)

‪Painted headshot/chibi commissions for @Renduras@twitter.com and @mawr! Thank you for commissioning me!!‬

a cool Floran commission for @kitsch!! this character was so much fun to draw, thank you!

my birdshark sona's in a dnd campaign and today i caught a chicken who ran outta a goblin's bag and now it's Mine so i made telegram stickers to celebrate

gettin in a quick snektember painting before the month is out

‪heads up, i'm combining two different prompts, one palette, the other @kittengfs@twitter.com's wonderful green prompt, for this!‬

‪inktober day 1 - New Growth: this kitty is enjoying this glowy plant, which apparently makes its paws glow as well.‬

‪inktober day 2 - Sprouting: a baby counts as a sprout, right‬

My Pug Life shirt design is officially open on cottonbureau ! I am extremely excited that its up to be made! So definitely order one! It also comes in a nice blue color and as sweatshirts! cottonbureau.com/products/pug- boosts are super appreciated <3

ALSO hi everyone on here im gale and my fursona is a white opal uni dragon goat thing! they go by they/them

Hi all! Just got invited to this website, I'm a 25 yrs old artist from Poland and I specialize at drawing in cartoon style and designing characters. I'm a big fan of dragons and dinosaurs, and I do love lime colour. :D I live together with my fiance and our dog Kala and bearded dragon Sheldon and I slowly make my career as a freelencer. I also attatched some of my recent illustrations. Hope you like them!


‪a new reference sheet for viv!!!! now cuter and floofier‬

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feels like i’m posting this online for the millionth time, but sometimes when i get down i think about how glad i am that @Caste brought this fluffball dragon to life and it makes me happy.... look at them!!

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