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Cute Executive Officer

@Galuade how about dragon boy for this

he's technically a sona anyway ;P

Here he is! A Crystal Jackal, one of many adept canine warriors who work as excellent bodyguards thanks to their attentiveness and proficiency with many crystalline weapons.

#oc #furry #fursona #furryart

Succubats (Furry Art, SFW Transformation) Show more

Some more merms. I have to get started like NOW if I want to complete #mermay in 2019. I only finished 4 this year!

#mermaid #mastoart #colors #illustration

#Introductions / #Fursona

So I'm a Very Queer and Very Trans gal who is stepping away from birdsite to here because it feels several kinds of more chill over here

Anyway here's Mayday she's a blacktipped reef shark, semi-retired ocean goddess, and as much of an absolute gay disaster as I am

Art credit to beaglescouts on birdsite

My dnd character Ari and her pet bird Floof. :blobmelt: she's a druid that doesn't know anything and is gay as hell. Art by astronauts321 and lylelinde respectively on Twitter!

#dnd #oc

Probably the animation loop I'm most proud of to this date. Mae's design makes her so easy to animate ♥️

#fanart #videogames #NITW #nightinthewoods #Mae #Gregg #animation #aftereffect #photoshop

Posting sleepy-time Zed in an attempt to trick myself into sleeping.

Made this earlier this year. It's my profile pic

Made this awhile back and put it on twitter and Sean Chipman retweeted it and everyone was VERY impressed.

New instance!

Pls boost this to help ppl find me again if you don't mind. best instance, you can't change my mind <3

I'm currently working on calendar pieces for 2019. Here's the first full piece, themed "Collecting".

Rainbow Mabuya gal living just outside Minneapolis Minnesota.
Married to an amazing woman.
Trans af.

My third account, and one of two I actually use.

It me.
Skink. Jacket. Chill af.

can't think of a problem that isn't at least partially solved by having a big juicy dragon tail

Furry art, slightly nsfw, my oc Show more

this is the face of a cold-blooded killer