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this is a problem I have with mastodon and some of the people who use it - whenever there's discourse no one actually links back/refers to the original thing, which makes sense for not spreading negativity, but it leaves me totally out of the loop and I have to actively search it out if I want to be informed which isn't always the best or easiest choice :/

oh heck, what's happening meta-wise on mastodon

did I do something I wasn't supposed to

anyway, merry chribmus eve, time for me to disappear from mastodon again like the ghostly apparition I am on here

oh and here's a very smol moff, a jafairy OC I designed a bit ago!

jakkai/fairies from Slightly Damned

Only click this if you're ready to have a bad time (Undertale meme)

some realistically styled art of Wingu I did the other day + a bonus WIP sketch

I'm really liking this style, but it also takes a lot out of me and is definitely not as easy as my toon influenced art

I know that some of the best stories are inspired or based off of others' ideas, but I still want to make sure my story's premises aren't "what if XYZ but mine"

that's just my take on it at least. I still wanna include story elements I like, just in a storyline that's not super derivative.

Kai's story has like, nothing to it yet. The only ideas I have are vague Deltarune rip-offs or are too inspired by it, and so I'm letting my ideas simmer a bit just to make sure I don't let the hype cause me to copy someone

Furry challenge: try to say that you think big paws are neat and cute while sounding the least horny possible

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alternatively, if anyone knows of any resources/accounts that can convey what wearing a fursuit (particularly a partial fursuit) is like, maybe I can find the answers myself.

long post w/ fursuit Qs Show more

long post w/ fursuit Qs Show more

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