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Tired of getting feet of snow
Give me paws of sunshine

greeeaaaat now I've got a doctor's office after me for 80bux I owe them and if I don't pay it soon it goes to collections and *that'll* be a nightmare.

fucks sake i'm so fucking sick of something out of my control (my medical issues) costing me so fucking much.

Yo, anyone want a free copy of FTL: Faster Than Light on steam? got a freebie when someone gifted me Into The Breach.

(-) depression anxiety 


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Glen Fucking Beck 

Today I realized that I cannot expect people on the Internet to have heard of the Geek Social Fallacies any more.

The Geek Social Fallacies are five things that geeks often believe about How Socializing Should Work, that cause a lot of conflict. I've found them to be pretty useful as a way to put a handle on certain concepts, and maybe even avoid going into bad situations.

(Looking at them in 2017, I find myself wondering how many of the GSFs the design of most social networks is running straight into...)

Anyway, this is now a Sassassuul appreciation thread 

I may have introduced a few friends to mastodon.

Describing it as "very gay" and "very furry" seems to have helped, too.

psst.. trans people are friends


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[Income Help] your Chester reminds me a bit of my Wells.

(I miss him, had to leave him when i moved last year)

It's worth studying enough formal logic to at least become familiar with the idea of proof by contradiction.

Take as given the assumption that the opposite of what you want to prove is true. Then, along with known facts, follow it through to its conclusion. If you reach a contradiction, one of your starting assumptions must be false; if you can be sure of the other facts, the only thing left to be wrong is the assumption that what you're trying to prove is wrong. Therefore, it must be right.

sci fi shows that portray humanity's future as a bustling mix of cultures where you can walk past groups of people speaking 8 different languages in the course of 5 minutes; crowds draped in a wild mix of fashion from every corner of the world


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