@skolli@mastodon.social your Chester reminds me a bit of my Wells.

(I miss him, had to leave him when i moved last year)

Multi, technically SFW but I'm still CW'ing it because multi 

That said Coatls are pretty good too. Silly little chirpy flapsneks.

Also they look like they begging for bellyrubs. scalie.business/media/ylDuP63K

Spirals are best Flight Rising dragon. Why? Just look at these big ole cute eyes on the hatchlings! Also, look ma, I'm my own bed! scalie.business/media/vU3JXJAt

In honor of the company's annual Naga Week, I had myself a naga body designed. Art is by Crocophile on FA/Tumblr. Roughly based on a Blood Python scalie.business/media/UtgTRZDw

Workin on building a DnD 5e char. Of course I'm going with a dragonborn lady, of course. Sorcerer, draconic bloodline, because why not, sounds fun. also means I can use some art a friend gave me a while back for her character portrait. scalie.business/media/3R4yf3i5

Scalie Business

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