Another #BLFC2018 badge, this time from! I'm absolutely in love with this one, it's *so* adorable.

*steals a "Powered by Hydra" sticker from a certain wiki site, re-purposes it for her own use*

Boys with skirts.

Boost if you agree.

(yep, this is a re-edition, the first one died with my previous instance)

on the bus for the first phase of my journey home, just passed a car with SM64 as the first part of the license plate, which I hope is a good omen ; hopefully I can get home with the one A press I've stored.

Tryin to get back into masto after being away several months. Feels a lil weird. Missed y'all.

FINALLY FINISHED COLORING THIS. i like the end result, but i need to figure out how to do this faster. 2 months are not a reasonable amount of time, even for a vector painting

#tiamat #dragon #fantasyart #literallyafiveheadeddragon #digitalart #vectorart #mastoart #creativetoots

So, the first of April is getting close enough that people have started talking about what they're going to do for April Fools. Have fun, but if you're thinking of trying anything on me:


Seriously, if anyone tries pulling any April Fools crap on me, I WILL block you.

Is it just me or was down for a few days?

It's #NationalPuppyDay which means its time to please appreciate this puppy. She's a bit weird but she loves you just as much as any dog girlfriend would 'w'

Web designers need to know of this exchange between my parents:

Father: Ah - they've updated their web site!

Mother: Oh no.

Father: It looks good ...

Mother: Can you find the things we need?

... (long pause) ...

Father: No ...

Hey, when you #DeleteFacebook please keep in mind that, at the moment, it's the only way that a lot of us disabled/chronically ill folks get to discuss our illnesses.
Lots of us use the groups feature on fb to help each other find doctors, discuss symptom treatments, and get support around our illnesses.
So please remember not to shame people who can't or don't delete their account. It's not our fault that it's shitty and it's not our fault that we still need it.

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Depression, debt, medical fuckery Show more

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