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artist: okay, your commission comes out to $20
me, chuckling: I don't think so
artist: ???
me, laughing louder as I tip a bunch: hahahaHAHAHA

You know that thing where everyone was posting pics of snouts of their sonas? Can we do that for feetpaws? They are at least as cute as snouts amirite

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thinking about breaking into houses when they're unoccupied to install carpet in the bathrooms

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life goals:
Work remotely near exclusively.
Convense co-workers the company has expanded inter-dimensionaly and that I live in a world of anthropomorphic animals and this is normal.

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I offer you Dragonborn beachwear (feat. Viik) #DnD

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dragon appreciation day

i appreciate Shiron the Winddragon

Wayne on YouTube Red is my new favorite thing

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everywhere should throw a wild rave where everyone wears glowsticks and feeds steak to a dragon.

Specifically, a blue and green dragon.
With a white mane. And like, a small beard. And black horns.

Idk just a totally nonspecific idea that's probably good. Boost if you agree

The Christian idea of eternal hellfire was actually created by cultures of yogurt bacteria recounting the experience of being thrown into spicy curry in India

Passing this along to more creative people that have a better shot at being selected :p
Amtrak Wants to Send 'Real People' on Its Most Scenic Long-distance Routes for Free

The  social media residency program invites anyone looking to share their travel experiences on social media to embark on long-distance train journeys across scenic routes for free.

Made curry with ghost pepper today and almost died a glorious fiery death

Well, gonna have to buy this game now
Heartbound Early Access Playthrough - Chapter 1 & 2 (Intro and Tower Corp) with Good Choices

Completing a playthrough with good(ish?) choices made for Chapters 1 and 2 for its initial release in early access (Timestamps Below). The first part was pla...

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'Eyyyy if anyone would like their character drawn for my daily sketches, I'm open for ko-fi commissions! I could definitely use some financial support right now.


Thanks for looking!
#commissions #commissionsopen #sketchcommissions #artistsontwitter
#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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January 12
My shadow thief Klepto as a dragon!
Or more specifically, a dragon egg thief.

#DailySketches #Sketch #DigitalSketch #Dragons #MastoArt #CreativeToots

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Here's a commission I did for @meerm !!!!! Now you all know what the big commission I was talking about was, look at that armor uwu

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Im a powerful and proud dragon

Please rub my tummy

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Maybe Alynne as a dragon was a bad idea.
Shout out to my friend Ray for giving me some suggestions for Gruff's design! (Top-left)

#DailySketches #Sketches #Dragons #ThePirateChecklist #Sketchbook #DigitalSketch #CharacterDesign #CharacterArt #CreativeToots #MastoArt

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