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Need hugs, rejection, - 

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y'all ever just look at your Sona and go
"that's me"
and get really happy about it

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And I'm falling asleep
and she's calling a cab
and he's having a smoke
and he's also a crab

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I do want to use Mastodon more often but I have to confess, it's much harder to get interactions on here than it is with Twitter. Puts me off posting because I feel I'm just yelling into the void.

Pooltoy inflation (SFW) 

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It's one thing to want your friend back.

It's another to try and accept that they rejected you because you weren't really their friend, and the friendship you thought you had never really existed.

In a sense, I'm wishing I had something back, when I never really had it to begin with.

It's not been a great day: can hugs be had please?

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i changed my system locale from en_US to en_GB and now it's acting weird. please help
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@Doveux Only if I get to call my pharmacist 'daddy' 馃槒鈥

Hey kids, if orgasm denial is your fetish try new Anti Depressants!

When people don't react fast enough to my wonderful memes.

Whisky instead of dinner may not be a good choice, but it's the one I'm making.

Mental health 

"you don't want empty your balls"

Fucking Christ... Is this why I'm going to be forever alone?

That awkward moment when you're over somebody rejecting you and then you realise you're not over them rejecting you and it still hurts quite a bit.

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